What I look for in a nappy

The problem with reviews, is they are based on personal opinion. So I thought I’d outline what, in my opinion, makes a good nappy and what I look for – so you know what my reviews are based on. 

  • Absorbency. I mean this is obvious. It’s a nappy. It needs to contain wee and not let poo escape. No matter how cute the design, if it leaks, it ain’t getting used. I want a nappy that is going to last longer than two hours, as life is too short to change nappies this often once you’re out of the newborn stage. 
  • Trim, slim fit. A lot of mums embrace the big, fluffy bum. I’m not one of them. I want J to be able to wear baby clothes that aren’t designed to fit a cloth bum (many of which are lovely, but some of which definitely appeal to the hippy branch of the cloth nappy brigade). I particularly like a narrower crotch, as while I appreciate the developmental benefits of keeping babies’ hips wide apart, when he was tiny, these just looked mad on him. 
  • Ease of use. I don’t want a battle at change time, and I want to make things as easy as possible for the nursery staff who have God knows how many nappies to change every day. So generally I prefer a simple nappy, that goes on without much faff. That being said, I do prefer poppers (I hate how grubby Velcro gets and J can now take Velcro nappies off), which typically are a little more effort, and I now have some two parter and snap in one nappies that I adore, despite generally finding pockets and AIOs easier to use. Some nappies are just so good I’m willing to compromise on the ease of use. 
  • Comfort. They need to look comfy on J. So Velcro that rubs, poppers that dig in, elastics that leave too harsh marks, and nappies that get stiff and scratchy don’t make the cut for us. 
  • Cuteness. Not the be all and end all, but nice prints and colours are a bonus. I don’t own a white nappy – they’re just dull. 

What works for me and J won’t be the same as what works for you – so with this in mind, I’ll be asking other cloth bumming mums to write their own reviews, so this site is as well rounded as possible. If you want to write a ‘my friend says’ post, please get in touch. 


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