Bambooty Basics

Bambooty basics were the first snap in one (SIO) nappies I tried – basically, a nappy shell that you snap an insert into. Some are designed so you can replace the inserts while reusing the shell, and some are largely designed to be a complete nappy but the snap in insert allows for faster drying times. The Basic falls into the latter, as I’ll go into in more detail below. 

I was attracted to these nappies early on for a few reasons; they have a slimmer crotch than many nappies, they’re lovely and soft, and they are a bargain. £10 for a birth to potty nappy. How good is that?! So, I bought one, I liked it, I bought some more. Here’s why. 

What is it?

A minky shell, with one set of internal poppers, that you snap an insert into. The inserts are microfibre, with a suede cloth top layer to keep the bum dry. You can also buy bamboo inserts separately. The inserts are very long, and have marks on them to show where they can be folded, so you can add absorbency where you need it. As the inside of the shell is lined, it can’t typically be used repeatedly before being washed, just changing out the inserts, as it’s likely to be damp. Bambooty claim that as the shells dry so quickly (very true) you can buy fewer shells than inserts, however I’ve never bothered as I find it easier to think of them as one complete nappy. 

Externally the Basic has three rows of rise poppers, as opposed to the normal two, so you can get a nice fit, and one row of waist poppers, with cross over poppers so you can tighten it on a very small baby. 

What’s good?

I’ve been consistently impressed with the performance of these nappies. They are absorbent, the bamboo insert particularly, and we’ve never had a poo leak in them, even though we started using them when J was little, and still in the explosive poo stage. They aren’t in the league of some of my two parters, or favourite hemp inserts, or my big guns absorbent nappies in terms of how long they last, but they’re solidly good. I can trust them to go longer than the two hour mark. 

They’re soft. Soft to touch, but also feel soft at the waist and legs. The elastics do the job, without leaving red marks. They look like they’d be comfy on. 

We’ve achieved a good fit with Basics since J was small; they’re reasonably trim (less so if you fold the insert more than once), the crotch is a bit narrower than other BTP nappies, and they’ve just worked with J’s smaller build and haven’t swamped him. That being said, they are long in the rise, so I imagine they’d fit a tall baby very well. I have found that recently I’ve struggled to get a good fit around J’s legs; this is, in my experience, a consequence of only one set of poppers at the waist. I’m sure if I played around with the placement of the folds and the rise I could correct it, but that’s not easy with a wriggly 12 month old. That being said, I haven’t had a single leak, which speaks volumes for the performance. 

The price. I think these are fantastically good value. The performance is brilliant for the price, they’re really well made, and make cloth nappies possible for those who may, understandably, be unable or unwilling to spend upwards of £16 for a single nappy. 

What’s not so good?

I don’t like single row waist poppers. I find the wings drop down as J is still on a tighter waist setting, and that can mean the legs don’t get such a tight fit, and the silhouette of the nappy can be off (which can matter under clothes). 



It’s pretty large next to a newborn nappy, particularly in the rise. I think we started using these on J when he was upwards of 12lb. Three rows of rise poppers means you can get a pretty adjustable fit.

The bottom line

These are really good nappies that are undeserving of the Basics label. I’d recommend them to anyone looking to try out cloth nappies without wanting to spend a fortune, or anyone who already uses cloth and wants to bulk up their stash.


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