NappiMe wrap

I’m not normally a wrap kind of woman. When I started out, two parters seemed like too much effort (and were huge on J), and inserts or prefolds just didn’t float my boat – particularly as I couldn’t understand the point of them with newborn poo, as surely the wrap would just get covered too?

But then we weaned, the poo changed, and I tried a couple of wraps and inserts. And I am converted. Big, evangelical sort of conversion. They meet so many of my requirements – absorbent (if you use the right insert), slim, economical. I will review all of the various wrap/insert combinations that we use, but I thought I’d start at the top, with the best, my go to, the wrap I’ve just ordered more of as they’re so bloody good: the NappiMe wrap.

I have Kasia at to thank for getting me onto these (a review of this awesome site will come), after she spent a lot of time via email making tailor made recommendations after I bombarded her with questions. I actually ordered a few items before ordering this wrap and don’t know why it took me so long. It is BRILLIANT.

So, what is it?

Quite simply, a PUL wrap that can be worn over fitteds or used with inserts. It comes into its own for the latter due to the elasticated flaps it features inside. NappiMe is a Polish company, and in the UK you can also get hold of their pocket nappies too.

What’s great?

The star feature of this wrap are the elasticated flaps inside that hold pre folds or inserts in place. Lots of wraps have flaps, but I haven’t found any that are as tight as these (with Flips being the worst offenders): NappiMe wraps really do hold the insert in place, making putting them on a wriggly baby almost as simple as putting on a pocket or an AIO. But that is only half of the story – the flaps are also fleecy, ensuring the majority of the wrap that touches your baby’s skin is soft, comfy and will wick moisture away (just like Milovia wraps, if you need a better known reference point).

I love this feature. It combines the best of PUL only wraps, where the inside can be wiped down and used multiple times before washing (my favourite is the best bottom wrap), with the softness of a wrap that has a snuggly liner (soft bums being a prime example), but avoids the pitfalls of both. PUL only wraps mean a lot of plasticky material is touching the baby, which in hot weather looks sweaty and uncomfy (I wouldn’t wear plastic knickers), while those wraps that are lined often become damp after one use, so can’t be used multiple times. This is particularly annoying if you want to use wraps and inserts out and about to avoid having loads of baby clobber with you all the bloody time.

So far, the reliability of these wraps has been faultless – not one leak or any wicking, despite inserts being soaked through. Couldn’t ask for more in terms of performance.

What else is great? The fit. These wraps are so slim fitting. The PUL is thin and soft, so very stretchy and pliable. There is no excess bulk so they look great under clothes. I think they probably come up a little smaller than other nappies  however the stretch is deceptive. J, a slightly smaller than average 12 month old, is currently on the middle rise. I see us continuing to get a LOT of use out of these. The waist tabs have cross over poppers so you would likely get a very good fit on a slim or very young baby too.

The prints. They are absolutely bloody gorgeous. We only have a small selection to choose from in the UK, but they are beautiful. Colourful, not too cutesy, unisex. Everything I like in a print.

They are also fantastically priced at £9.90, cheaper than other similar quality wraps. I think this is a complete bargain for what you get.

What could be better?

I prefer nappies or wraps that have two rows of poppers, as otherwise you can fall victim to wing droop. I haven’t noticed this yet, but it is something I’d keep an eye out for.

That’s it. There is nothing else I would change about this wrap. I love it (Can you tell?!). I wish more prints were available over here, as I’d buy the lot.

What’s similar?

Milovia wraps (another Polish company – clearly the place for great wraps). They also have fleecy stretchy flaps, but aren’t as slim on J. Based on my experience they’d probably fit a taller child a little better than the NappiMe. I also don’t find the flaps keep an insert in place as well as NappiMe do.

The bottom line
The best wrap for inserts I own. Go and buy some.


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