WTF? Niche nappying terms

I will add to this as and when I think of other terms – and if you have any you think it’s worth adding, please let me know in the comments.

Fluff. A slightly nauseating term for cloth.

Minky. A fluffy outer layer for a nappy, that has a waterproof layer behind it. It makes the nappies lovely and soft and looks really really cute. Brands that you may come across that make minky nappies include Bambooty, Itti Bitti, Wonderoos, TJs.


OBGE/NBGE. Original Bumgenius Elemental and New Bumgenius Elemental. The original elemental had two layers of organic cotton sewn as a layer against the PUL, as well as two layers that are sewn in at each end. This made it more absorbent, but it took considerably longer to dry. It also featured rolled elastics, which made it more likely to leak a little at the legs. You can get the OBGE on preloved sites pretty easily. 

Pretties are fancy, often bespoke handmade nappies. They can sell for insane prices.

Rolled elastics/Encased elastics. Nappies that have encased elastics have elastics that are stitched into the inside of the nappy, creating a sort of seam at the edges where the PUL and liner meet. Rolled elastics aren’t stitched into place – the downside of this is when putting the nappy on you need to be careful to tuck this lining in so there is no wicking; the upside is there is no risk of leaking through the stitching. Personally I find that encased elastics are a little more likely to leave red marks, as rolled elastics are a bit less rigid, but the type of elastic doesn’t really feature in my decision making when buying or using a nappy. 

Suede cloth is a stay dry fabric that is often used as the layer against a baby’s bum. It keeps the bum dry, in the same way that a fleece liner or inner would. 

Wing droop. Basically, this happens largely when using a nappy on a tight waist setting, when there aren’t enough poppers or Velcro to hold the whole length of the ‘wings’ at the waistband. Imagine you’re pulling the nappy tight, and once you’ve secured it in place, the bits at the side and top of the nappy that are being pulled around the hip are loose with nothing securing them, and droop down the leg. This can cause leaks at the leg, and make the nappy look rubbish! I find it’s more likely to occur on nappies that only have one row of poppers. I haven’t taken a photo of it, as I decided life was too short to battle J into a nappy just to deliberately make it fit badly. Sorry. This page here has a good image if you need something to help visualise what I’m talking about. 

WAHM. Work at home mum. A mum who runs a business from home, and in the cloth nappying world, this normally is some sort of business making nappies, or clothes that fit over nappies. Cloth sanitary pads (CSP) are also popular. You can often find them on etsy, or facebook.


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