Tickle Tots – my bad 

Oh what lovely nappies. The Tickle Tots AIO was probably the first nappy I properly fell in love with. I discovered the brand when it was very new, and J was very little, and they fitted like a dream. They are a bamboo BTP all in one nappy, with a suede cloth lining, and a pocket at the back so you can easily boost the nappy. Each nappy comes with an extra bamboo booster. The nappies have a double gusset and come only with Velcro fastening.

The thing that impressed me immediately was how slim they were, and what a good fit I could get with them. I loved the ease of use and the look of the nappies – they’re attractive and very well made. They take an AGE to dry, but that’s part and parcel of having a very absorbent nappy most of the time. And these definitely are absorbent: initially we had no leaks at all. However as J grew we started getting leaks. I’m convinced this wasn’t due to absorbency issues, and rather because of fit. I just couldn’t get it right, it seemed like J was between rises. I was tempted to hold out and wait until he grew a bit more, but the other issue I had with tickle tots was how rigid and inflexible the nappies were. The nature of the bamboo and the double gussets just meant they didn’t seem very pliable, and felt quite structured. I sold mine on, but I hugely regret it (as much as one can hold regrets about something so reasonably inconsequential!) – these are great nappies and I’d recommend them to anyone with a slimmer baby. 
I’m really keen to try them again, particularly as Tickle Tots now have a two part nappy, and I bloody love a two part nappy. But rather than wait until I’d actually bothered to purchase some and write a proper review with pictures and useful stuff like that, I thought I’d flag them now, as Tickle Tots have launched a Crowdfunding appeal to support the growth of their brand. It’s a properly lovely brand, and they plant a tree for every nappy purchased, and if you pledge to support them through the appeal you can opt to be rewarded with a nappy. So you’ll get to support a small British brand, and try a new nappy. Win win. 

Also, just today, they’ve released a new print – busy bees – and it is beyond cute. 

As an aside the tickle tots wet bag is fab. Review of that will be coming soon. 


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