Tots Bots Easyfit Stars – the review I didn’t think I’d write

I really didn’t think I’d be writing this particular review. I didn’t really want to write this review. Because I didn’t want to like these nappies. 

I didn’t like the easyfit v4s at all. They were bulky, wide, crunchy, took ages to dry and I hated the Velcro. The bloody totsbots Velcro – I can’t stand it! I still can’t stand it, but the rest of the nappy is just SO good I’m willing to let it slide. When totsbots first announced the star I wasn’t particularly interested. I looked at some reviews and all of them were overwhelmingly positive, which actually convinced me that I needed to write a blog: they all said the same thing, in different ways, and that just annoyed me. I felt like I was reading a press relate regurgitated rather than an actual review. I can’t remember what persuaded me to try one, but I’m glad I did. Because the performance is what made me fall head over heels for these nappies, nothing else. And I’ll try as hard as I can to not fall into the same trap as other reviews…

Just to note, I don’t have any photos of J in these, as he’ll try and remove them before I even pick up the camera. If I sneak one before he undoes the Velcro I’ll add it. 

What is it?

A birth to potty all in one nappy, with an attached insert that folds out to speed up drying (which this nappy really, really needs). The insert folds into a pocket so you can add boosters if you needed, however I’ve not needed to (edit to add – in the last few weeks ice added a hemp boostef if we’re going out for a long time). The insert is bamboo, mixed with another material I think, which makes is stay soft and snuggly rather than crunchy.

 The interior edges of the nappy are some new fancy material totsbots developed that repels liquid, to stop the nappy from wicking, and they’ve used rolled elastics so there is no risk of the stitching leaking either. They don’t have a stay dry layer so require a liner. 

What’s good?

Quite simply, all the new stuff totsbots have developed? Well it works. Really really well. These are so absorbent that I reach for these above all else when I don’t want to change J (if we’re going to be out for a long time etc), if he’s going to be napping, if he’s going to be in the sling or buggy for a while. We can go hours and hours in these nappies, though I haven’t tried them overnight. We have only ever had one leak in them (yesterday in fact) and it was so mammoth than I’m convinced I didn’t put it on properly. 

They are lovely and soft. The material itself is soft to touch, but the whole nappy also feels flexible and scrunchy, rather than structured and rigid. I imagine they’d feel comfy on. 

I get a pretty good fit from this nappy. It is pretty average I’ve found in terms of sizing – certainly not the smallest, and there is no way it would have fit J until he was a good few months old, but nor is it huge on him. On 13 months old J it is reasonably slim fitting, but on a younger baby it would definitely be a big bum nappy. 

The prints and colours are nice and cheerful. I don’t find them particularly appealing or stylish (bumgenius, Thirsties and NappiMe own this for me), but they’re colourful, cute and appropriately childish. 

I also like the fact these are British nappies, made in Britain. I’m not getting all UKIP on you (if I think too hard about Brexit I’ll have a little cry), but I do like the idea of supporting a British company in the face of Chinese cheapy nappies and the dominance of US nappy brands. 

What’s not

That f***ing Velcro. I hate it! It is so large, and comes up so high on the nappy, that it can’t help but dig into J’s belly when he sits down, and as its rough at the edges, it leaves red marks. He’s not a chubby baby, and it is vastly improved now he’s older and on the move, but I’d be really reluctant to use these nappies on a chubby six month old for any length of time. In addition the Velcro isn’t the stickiest I’ve used, and J can open them very easily. I’ve had two of mine converted into snaps, and I find these also look a touch less bulky at the front. 

We suffer from definite ‘between rise’ issues with the Easyfit stars. Trying to get a good fit has been a bit of a challenge when J isn’t quite ready to up a rise, but the current rise is getting too small. Nursery have particularly struggled with this, and we’ve had pretty bad wing droop at times.

I wish these nappies had a stay dry liner. It’s just another thing to think about, and now J is on the move, liners can end up bunched up. But thats by no means unique to the Easyfit star. 

The bottom line

I would urge any one to try these nappies. Particularly if you’ve not liked totsbots nappies previously – the Easyfit star really is a significant improvement. You can pick them up easily from most retailers, though keep an eye out for regular discounts – or look for them preloved, as they are always being sold on. 

As much as the cynic in me didn’t want to love them, they do the job really really well, and I wouldn’t be without them. They aren’t perfect, but they’re pretty damn good. 


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