Milovia Pocket nappies – style and substance?

If you’ve read my post about why we use reusables, you’ll know there are a raft of reasons that cloth works for us. Milovia is guilty of making me not care about all the earnest reasons, and just make me want to show them off to people while singing “soooo pretty!”

Because these are absolutely bloody gorgeous nappies. The prints combine child friendly, colourful design with gender neutral style that will appeal to adults – people collect the whole print collection, and it’s easy to see why. But ultimately, looks can only get you so far, so having using these nappies for ten months, I’ll explain whether we’ve found the performances matches up to the style.

What are they?
These are birth to potty pocket nappies, made by a Polish company. They come with a small and medium microfibre insert, and large inserts can be bought separately. The microfibre inserts are different from any other microfibre I’ve come across – it’s soft, squishy and bouncy.

The nappies are lined with either fleece or coolmax, which is a material I’ve not experienced: it features in NappiMe nappies too, another polish company, and from various things I’ve read this allows the baby to feel cooler in warm weather, OR allows the baby to feel some level of wetness, which is ideal for potty training. If I get to the bottom of what it actually does, I’ll let you know.

The nappies have two sets of rise poppers, and one set of poppers at the waist. The tabs can be crossed over for a smaller baby. Unusually, the pocket for the inserts opens at the front of the nappy rather than the back.

What’s good?

The quality of these nappies is fantastic. Beautifully made, incredibly soft inside, and lovely attention to detail (things like the inserts have small labels saying what size they are).

We first started using these when J was about three or four months, and with just the small insert they fit beautifully. They are reasonably generous in length, but despite J being very small, I could get a great fit around the legs and they were very slim. As J grew, and peed more, we needed more than just a microfibre insert and the sacrifice was the slim fit – they weren’t bulky, but were noticeably not as beautifully trim as they initially were. However as J grew more (they do this these babies) they seem, comparably to the rest of him, lovely and slim once again. So overall no complaints, but worth knowing that the fit of these may change as your bubba fattens up.

I know it’s a really small point, but the prints are lovely. They just cheer me up!

The microfibre inserts are far far more effective than any other microfibre insert I’ve used. However they’re nothing compared to the absorbency of bamboo or hemp, and are bulkier. While absorbency is an issue for us, we have never had a poo leaks with milovia. The elastics are excellent, but aren’t too tight. The perfect combination.

What’s not?

Bloody one row of popper nappies. They drive me mad. We can get bad wing droop with milovia nappies, which completely undoes all the good work the great leg fit offers.

So the pocket opening at the front. I completely see how, particularly in the early days, this is great as it means you don’t have to extract an insert from the back of a nappy covered in shit. However if you have a boy, then pretty much every time you pull it out its soaked in pee. And in our case, post weaning wet nappies are FAR more frequent than pooey ones.

The rise is really high, so on an average or small baby they may come up large.

Absorbency is an issue for me. I have to boost these nappies a lot in order to ensure they don’t leak, as we’re used to the absorbency of hemp in our house.

The fleecy inside, which is so soft initially, bobbles after a few washes and though that’s to be expected, it still annoys me.

The bottom line

These really are good nappies. Such good quality and lovely to look at. And they have no huge flaw, but enough little niggles that there’re not really for us. If I had a stash full of just these (with a range of other inserts to add in), they’d do the job and I’d be content, but it wouldn’t be love. And I have other nappies I do love. And so I’m selling mine, and using the fund to buy some more that I love (aka the new NappiMe prints…).


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